Without making any attempts to draw you into a long-winding backstory of how "Go Ask Haley" came to be, I'll just tell you this: it's just something I felt like freakin' doing already.

I am a southern California native who's lived a whirlwind life fraught with over-analyzation--and I enjoy every minute of it. Through the overwhelming amount of good times and the small, but powerful, bad ones, I have learned some of life's most essential lessons. This has particularly become true with regards to relationships.

I'm Haley. You can call me Dr. O if you'd really like, though I shan't expect a lawsuit from anyone. In all likelihood, I've been romantically involved with more people than are in your extended family. And I'm operating on the assumption that that's a crap-ton.
If it's not...my apologies.

In addition to that, I'm adopted, have roughly five parental figures in my life, and have about nine assorted siblings aged 4 to 40. I have patience like you wouldn't believe. And with patience comes knowledge.

I'm here to help you with your relationships and hopefully some non-romantic personal stuff. This blog is a continuation of my formspring, a Q&A service that got flooded by inappropriate personal queries about myself--but blessed with insightful relationship questions from people who somehow sought my counseling. That was the birth of this blog.

Now, I am but a 20-year-old accounting student, but I can promise you that I am here to answer your questions thoughtfully and with every shred of wisdom I can muster. I literally research relationship psychology on a daily (yes, daily) basis. I have had every type of non-marriage relationship out there. Chances are, I know what you're going through.

Anyways, the point of the site is mostly to have people submit their questions and have me answer them for future readers to see. In addition, I will post a variety of relationship help articles, from how-tos to psychological studies I find interesting. I realize that the site is not terribly organized, but it likely won't take you long to look through the archives and find an article that will help you with any problems you have.

If not, ask away. That's what I'm here for.

--Dr. O.