Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mystical, Magical, Marvelous Beginnings!

Hello all,

I welcome you to my extraordinarily complicated, ornate new website! I've ultimately decided to go the blog route with my aspirations due to my ill feelings towards 90% of YouTube users. So, here I am. I am thinking of posting a Podcast on here along with a descriptive blog entry, but who knows. For now, I'm just starting.

In the future, here is how the site will operate:

1) People send me questions through either e-mail or formspring (if they want to remain completely anonymous)
2) I post the question along with my answer on each entry
3) I may or may not include a podcast, which will include me reading and discussing the question in further depth.

And here are some general rules and some other general info:

-I will try to answer everyone.
-I will resist every temptation to edit your post for grammar but I will otherwise put your question on here in its original form.
-If you send me something that I cannot understand for the life of me, I will kindly ask you to resend and clarify.
-I will always sign your name "Anonymous" unless you otherwise specify.
-I will advertise a lot. Just warning you.

With all that said, my e-mail is in my profile, as is my formspring. Send away!

Dr. O

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