Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hello again & Welcome Back...wait, is that redundant?

Hi everyone!

I'm so sorry that I haven't had new material up in a while. "Business" has been slow and since I was on spring break all last week, I took most of my attention away from school and blogging. However, I'm obviously back. That's pretty much all I got for ya.

I eagerly await more questions, comments, and thoughts, but in the mean time I do happen to have a little more info about me, the blogger, in case you were so curious. Yeah, yeah...it's a little conceited. But if you love to creep, I am doing you a service. Enjoy.

1. Your hair? It's long, pretty, and quite possibly the most boring dark brown color ever. I am itching to change it but waiting until it's extra long.
2. Your favorite food? I'm old fashioned--tofu and quinoa. No big deal.
3. Your favorite drink? WATER. It's quite possibly the most delicious chemical compound ever.
4. Your dream/goal? I have far too many. It's safe to say, though, that I'd love a kick-ass job one day. Oh, and I wanna make it my whole life without getting divorced...is that lofty, or just cynical?
5. Your hobby? Oh god, what DON'T I do? Um, photography, blogging, modeling, playing video games with a little too much gusto, and learning. Yes, learning...wanna fight about it?
6. Your fear? Knott's Scary Farm. Don't even joke about taking me to that shit. 
7. Where were you last night? At my boyfriend's house, wondering how the hell I got to meet someone so much like myself.
8. Something you say all the time? As a California native, I am utterly cursed with the "like" reflex. Please slap me every time you hear me say it, as it's getting extremely out of hand.
9. Something that you’re not? Apathetic. Seriously, I have an opinion on everything. I think every minute of every day. I care about everyone. It's annoying.
10. Wishlist item? Breast implants. But seriously, in a perfect world I'd make going to Japan on my wishlist and I'd volunteer there for a month. But since that can't happen right now, yeah...I'll start with the boobies.
11. Last thing you did? I tried to taste my tea to see if it was ready. Yeah, not quite.
12. What are you wearing? An inside out knit tee (surprise, surprise) and some Victoria's Secret pajama pants that are about 3 sizes too big. Lookin' sharp.
13. Your pets? You mean kids? I have a 6-inch, furry 3-year-old with 8 legs named Sophia. 
14. Friends? Mine? Or yours? Well, they're awesome, end-o story. 
15. Missing someone? I'm always yearning for the man, but I also obviously miss my friends and family. Hell, I miss everyone. All the time. 
16. Something you’re not wearing? A cravat, although I'd look rather dashing in one. 
17. Your favorite store? You're going to hate me for this answer, but please excuse this poor hipster when she mentions Forever 21 as a reasonable shopping destination. It's just too damn good. So is Karmaloop.
18. Your favorite color? I'm a sucker for grey, creme, and royal blue. Sea green is nice as well.
19. The last time you cried? I don't know, I cry all the time. 
20. When's the last time you laughed? I don't know, I laugh all the time.
21. One place that I go to over and over? The BAC building at ASU. I don't think a day has gone by this year that I haven't been there for some reason.
22. Where do you eat? Anywhere they cater to my jacked-up tastebuds...as long as they don't specialize in spicy food.

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