Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"Honey, no offense, but you stink."

Q: My question is rather simple. Haley, how do I tell my girlfriend to take care of her hygeine a little better? Recently, I've been noticing that her hair's a little greasy, her breath stinks, and sometimes she smells faintly of B.O. It just suddenly came on. She's not a hippie or anything, and she hasn't made any other lifestyle changes that would cause her to have altered hygeine. I promise, I am not trying to sound rude, as I adore my girlfriend and think she is the most beautiful, wonderful woman alive. How do I approach this issue without hurting her feelings?


A: Ahhh, Dane, just your description of your girlfriend is enough for me to know that you are good man, my friend. She is lucky.

I am a big fan of honesty--even blunt honesty. There is no easy way to tell someone that they are overall smelly, but here's how I would approach it:

"Sweetie, can I talk to you about something? I love you, but I notice something different about you lately. You smell a little different than usual. You are still just as sexy as ever, but is everything okay? I'm just checking."

DO be prepared for an offensive woman, but it's not like you're gonna get anywhere any other way. She will get over it, she will understand, and depending on her sense of humor, she'll probably laugh her ass off. After that, she'll surely take care of it.

p.s. "She's not a hippie or anything..." LMAO, best part!

Best of luck!

--Dr. O.

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