Sunday, January 9, 2011

Outside inspiration: How to deal with jealousy

As a long-time sufferer of the green-eyed monster, I decided to do my own personal research on how to deal with the problem that is jealousy. Ahhh, jealousy. You wanna know something? That crap sucks.

It sucks so monumentally that I decided I needed to either get busy fixing or get busy dying. I chose the former and stumbled upon this article. There are actually plenty of awesome articles out there regarding dealing with jealousy, but this one sounded like it was freakin' written to me. I have posted it here. Enjoy!:

First of all, you really shouldn’t be having this problem. It’s unfair to your partner who completely trusts you. Jealousy will kill a relationship unless you put an end to it before it becomes your disease. You know why, because jealous people tend to behave badly being misled by their fears – you start saying things you don’t mean and start having suspicious thoughts you actually believe in. Save your relationship by controlling your jealousy. Start with these suggestions.
Deal with your insecurity. No matter how much you project your confidence, being jealous implies that you are insecure about yourself. It means that you have fears that someone is better than you are, and it scares the hell out of you. What you need to do is to realize that every person is unique. Don’t go comparing yourself to everybody because that’s not a good way to feel good about yourself. Just focus on your own assets, and your achievements and you’re sure to get ahead of things. Be secure in the fact that you’re the hottest being on earth – proof? Your partner chose you among all the others.
Value the virtue of trust. Trusting a person could be very difficult, especially if we’ve been betrayed in the past. But get over your issues on trust because unless you do, your partner will suffer your lack of security. Let go of your fears because you can’t do anything if you worry about it anyway. It’ll just keep you paranoid. Loving someone means giving him your trust, so that he can give you his trust too.
Love and trust go hand in hand. Don’t push your boyfriend away with your jealousy. If you know in your heart that your boyfriend is truly faithful, then it is just right that you trust him not to break your heart. The two of you can always talk when something starts to bother you so that it doesn’t evolve into a jealous fit.


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